FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Can Eight Brothers Company create something for me from a sketch or photo?
A: Most certainly! We are very adept in translating a two dimensional idea into a three dimensional reality. This is available to you at no additional charge, which is a free service unique to our company.

Q: What is your minimum order requirement?
A: For cornice moldings, we have a minimum order of 60 linear feet. For other decorative pieces, we require an order of at least $50.00.

Q: How do I install your plaster decorative elements?
A: We at Eight Brothers install everything for you.

Q: What is the lead-time for my order?
A: In most cases, we can create and cast your order within 15 days. Some projects of more complexity and scope will take longer.

Q: What are your products made of?
A: Our products are made of gypsum plaster, reinforced with either fiberglass or other appropriate materials.

Q: Can your ornamental plasterwork be used outside?
A: If pieces are to be used outside, gypsum plaster is replaced with an acrylic add mix, or fiberglass, cast stone (cement) or casting resin.

Q: Is it possible to paint your ornamental plaster?
A: Yes, certainly. We can do this for you, including decorative painting or gilding. If you prefer to do it yourself, just remember to prime and seal the plaster first with a compatible product.

Q: What if I am unsure which style of ornament is best?
A: We can advise you on what period choices would work best for your décor, allowing for your personal preferences.

Q: Does Eight Brothers Company do free estimates?
A: Yes we do.

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